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Track – Meet Highlights



Track meet season has begun and we’re off to a winning start! Enjoy the highlights!


GIRLS – 8th Grade
COMPETITOR OF THE WEEK: Rachel Sutliff, finishing 1st in the 2400, 800 and (unofficially) the 1600M run. She set the school and district record in the 800 at a time of 2:22.
Gillian Bain – 100M dash, 3rd place
Rachel Sutliff – 2400M run, 1st place
800M run, 1st place
1600M run, 1st place
Mia Soo Hoo – Pole Vault, 4th place (6’6″)
Arzo Sare – Shot Put, 5th place (30’8.5″)

BOYS – 8th Grade
GMS boys finished 6th in the zone meet at Coppell High School. The Ponies were led by a strong effort from Keegan Garwood and Julian Newhouse.

100m Julian Newhouse, 1st place
110m hurdles Keegan Garwood, 2nd place
300m hurdles Keegan Garwood, 2nd place


Our district meet ended in some fight from the GMS Lady Ponies! 7th and 8th grade both finished the meet in 3rd place. Although our points total may have not been the best, some of our girls competed and beat their personal, school AND district records. It was an outstanding night and your GMS family and coaches are so proud!!!

A few of the standouts for 8th grade were:

-CO-COMPETITIORS OF THE WEEK: Maddie Schlekewy and Rachel Sutliff with a combined total of 50 points.
-Gillian Bain – 100M dash, 1st place
-Rachel Sutliff – 1600M run, 1st place (DISTRICT RECORD – 5:17)
2400M run, 1st place
-Michaela Feary – 1600M run, 3rd place
2400M run, 3rd place
-Maddie Schlekewy – 200M dash, 3rd place
Long Jump, 2nd place (14’11.5″)
Triple Jump, 2nd place (30’11”)
-4x100M Relay – 3rd place
-4x200M Relay – 3rd place
-4x400M Relay – 2nd place
-Jennifer Edelman – 800M run, 2nd place
-Arzo Sare – Shot Put, 1st place (31’7″)

A few of the standouts for 7th grade were:

-CO-COMPETITORS OF THE WEEK: Naomi Jeter, Jackie Molina and Maddie Clague – between the three girls, they contributed 65 of our total points.
-Maddie Clague – 100M dash, 1st place
Triple Jump, 1st place (30’5″)
-Jackie Molina – 1600M run, 2nd place
2400M run, 1st place
-Danny Navarro – 1600M run, 3rd place
-Naomi Jeter – 400M dash, 2nd place
800M run, 1st place
-Megan Theilen – 400M dash, 3rd place
4x200M Relay – 3rd place
4x400M Relay – 2nd place
-Caelyn Gunn – Discus, 2nd place (68’8″)
-Emily Wilkinson – Discus, 3rd place (61’0.750″)
-Claire Newton – High Jump, 2nd place (4’4″)
-Nadia Morris – Shot Put, 1st place (30’4.5″)

The GMS boys had an outstanding showing at the 2017 GCISD District Meet! The 7th grade boys ended a 29 year drought by reclaiming the 7th Grade District Championship. By the narrowest of margins, the Ponies outlasted a very tough CTMS teams. The 2017 GCISD District Championship is something that we are very proud of, it’s a testament to our kids hard work paying off. The 8th grade boys were not to be outdone last night. Despite a few setbacks due to injuries, the 8th grade boys finished in 2nd Place to Heritage Middle School. Their effort last night to finish strong was remarkable. I am so very proud of these young men. Our kids woke up as 2017 District Champions. That is a feeling that will stay with them forever.

8th Grade – Boys
1st Place Finishers – Kenneth Franco-110M Hurdles 16.5.
Keegan Garwood- 300M Hurdles 45.5
Julian Newhouse-110M Dash- 11.7
Christopher Molina-1600M Run-5:19
Griffin Edwards-Shot Put-38’11”

2nd Place Finishers-Kenneth Franco 300M Hurdles 45.7
Keegan Garwood-110M Hurdles-16.68

Jacob Adams-Pole Vault-8’6”

Julian Newhouse- Shot Put-37’11”

4x100M Relay-Julius Reed, Kenneth Franco, Alphrege Ntumba, Julian Newhouse-48.43

3rd Place Finishers- Gabe Menchaca-Discus-107’8”

4x200M Relay-Julius Reed, Orlando Martinez, Alphrege Ntumba, Julian Newhouse-1:44.58

7th Grade – Boys
1st Place Finishers- Walker St. John- 2400M Run.8:11- New District Record and GMS Record
Walker St. John- 1600m Run.5:19- New GMS Record
Ryan Adams-Pole Vault 8’6” New GMS Record
4x200M Relay- Leon Covington, Leo Covington, Saiviahn Shockley, William Leon -1:45.34- New District and GCISD Record
Leon Covington-Triple Jump-35’5”
Adriane White- 110M Hurdles-18.710

2nd Place Finishers- Joseph Avila-110M Hurdles-19.08
Gabriel Ponce-400M Dash-58.08
Christopher Morales-800M Run-2:28
4x400M Relay- Joseph Avila, William Leon, Gabriel Ponce, Alejandro Chavez-4:14

3rd Place Finishers- Leon Covington-200M Dash-26.4
Josue Granados-1600M Run-5:23
Leo Covington- 100M Dash 12.30
Leo Covington-Shot Put-32’7”
Saivaihn Shockley-34’2”



GMS did an outstanding job at the Carroll Middle School Relays on Thursday night. The 7th grade girls took 3rd place overall with a total of 248 points. A few of our girls achieved their personal best in events such as high jump and the 100M dash. 8th grade girls ended in 4th place overall with a total of 105 points. It was a windy evening and a lot of our runners were running against the wind throughout the night. It was a fierce competition that ended in some outstanding competition.

8th Grade – Girls

-COMPETITORS OF THE WEEK: 4x4 relay team consisting of Jennifer Edelman, Macy Hetisimer, Angie Buckner, and Rachel Sutliff with an outstanding time of 4:41.590 minutes.
-Rachel Sutliff – 1600M dash, 1st place
2400M dash, 1st place
-Michaela Feary – 1600M dash, 3rd place
-Maddie Schlekewy – 200M dash, 3rd place
-4x400M relay team – 2nd place
-Jennifer Edelman – 800M dash, 3rd place
-Arzo Sare – Shotput, 3rd place (30’2.50″)

7th Grade – Girls

COMPETITOR OF THE WEEK: Clair Newton with a new person best of 4’6″ in the girls high jump. Beating her best jump by 4 inches.
-Maddie Clague – 100M dash, 3rd place
Triple jump, 2nd place (27’5.750″)
-Danny Navarro – 2400M dash, 1st place
-Naomi Jeter – 400M dash, 1st place
800M dash, 1st place
Long jump, 3rd place (13’8.25″)
-4x100M relay team – 3rd place
-4x400M relay team – 3rd place
-Helen Hood – 800M dash, 3rd place
-Caelyn Gunn – Discus, 3rd place (64’3″)
-Claire Newton – High jump, 1st place (4’6″)
-Jacklen Molina – Pole vault, 3rd place (6’0″)

Last night the Ponies participated in a very windy Carroll MS middle school meet. The 7th Grade Boys for the first time this year did not finish in first place. The Ponies finished second to Carroll MS by a total of 193 points to 166 points. The 8th Boys finished in third place and missed placing second by just 4 points. We are extremely proud of our teams as they are performing extremely well every single week. Please make sure you come out next week, March 30th to root both teams on at the District Meet.

8th Grade – Boys

1st Place Finishers-Keegan Garwood-110M Hurdles 17.8
Keegan Garwood 300M Hurdles 48.4
2nd Place Finishers- Kenneth Franco 110M Hurdles 18.6
Keegan garwood-High Jump 5’0”
Julian Newhouse- Shot 37’8”
3rd Place Finishers- Ludwinng Rodriquez- 400M Run 1:01. 5
Orlando Martinez 800M Run 2:26.1
Sam Pierce- Shot-97’11 .25”
Griffin Edwards High Jump 4’10”
Alphrege Ntumba-33’1”
4x400 M Relay- Ludwinng Rodriguez, Chris Molina, Alex Ferretiz, Orlando Martinez.

7th Grade – Boys

1st Place Finishers- Josue Granados- 2400M Run. 9:04
Walker St. John- 800M Run 2:33
Ryan Adams-Pole Vault 8’0” Ryan has tied the GMS Pole Vault Record!
2nd Place Finishers- Walker St. John- 1600M Run 5:37.5
Leo Covington- 100M Dash 12.2
Gabriel Ponce-400M Dash 58.3
Dylan Hohenberger- High Jump 4’10”
Alejandro Chavez- Shot Put 34’6”
4x100M Relay-Leon Covington, Dylan Hohenberger, Brody Day, Leo Covington -50.7
4x200M Relay- Dylan Hohenberger, Leo Covington, Saivaihn Shockley, William Leon- 1:46.9. This is a new GMS Record. Congrats gentleman!

3rd Place Finishers- William Leon-200M Dash 27.4
Chris Morales-800M Run 2:36
Leo Covington- Shot- 33’7”


The GMS Lady Ponies really showed some spirit and endurance during the Pony Up Relays at CTMS on Thursday night. Although the 7th and 8th grade girls came in 3rd overall, they really worked hard and put some BIG points up against Coppell North, Heritage and Dawson.

8th Grade – Girls

8th grade ended the night with 111.33 points. A few of our standouts were:

Gillian Bain – 100 M dash, 1st place
High jump, 3rd place
Maddie Schlekewy – 100 M dash, 2nd place
Long jump, 2nd place
Elaina Kirby – 200 M dash, 2nd place
Jennifer Edelman – 400 M dash, 3rd place
2nd place in 4x100 M relay team consisting of: Gillian Bain, Taylor Ambrosio, Angelina Buckner & Maddie Schlekewy
2nd place in 4x400 M relay team consisting of: Jennifer Edelman, Macy Hetisimer, Angelina Buckner & Rachel Sutliff
Rachel Sutliff – 1600 M dash, 1st place
800 M dash, 1st place (beating the old school record of 2:33.9 with a time of 2:27.0)

Our MVP for 8th grade was, after breaking 3 school records in two weeks was, Rachel Sutliff.

7th Grade – Girls
7th grade ended the night with a whopping 141.5 points. A few of our standouts were:

Maddie Clague – 100 M dash, 2nd place
Triple jump, 3rd place
Jacklen Molina – 1600 M dash & 2400 M dash, 3rd place
Megan Theilen – 400 M dash, 1st place
Helen Hood – 400 M dash, 2nd place
800 M dash, 1st place
Caelyn Gunn – Discus & high jump, 2nd place
Claire Newton – Long jump, 3rd place
Nadia Morris – Shotput, 2nd place
2nd place in 4x400 M relay team consisting of: Jacklen Molina, Helen Hood, Megan Theilen & Danny Navarro

Our Co-MVPs for 7th grade were Helen Hood and Megan Theilen.

We had another successful night of competition. Our 8th grade boys placed 4th with a total of 115.3 points. These young men continue to fight extremely hard. Our 7th grade boys again finished in 1st place with a total of 214 points.

Walker St. John again took down another GMS record. The previous record of 5:26 in the 1600m was broken last night. Walker ran a time 5:23 to break the record.Stay tuned this track season as Leon Covington and Dylan Hohenberger are close to breaking the record in the Triple Jump and High Jump respectively. Great job last night to all.

8th Grade – Boys

1st Place Finishers- Julian Newhouse 11:49 100m
Game Menchaca 109’ 1.75”

2nd Place Finishers-Hunter Tower 17.27 100m hurdles
Kenneth Franco-46.65 300m hurdles
Keegan Garwood 48.45 300m hurdles

3rd Place Finishers- Julius Reed 12.10 100m
4x200m Relay- Reed, Garwood, Ntumba, Newhouse
Sam Pierce 35’8” Discus

7th Grade – Boys

1st Place Finishers- Leo Covington 12.46 100m
Dylan Hohenberger 12.56100m
Gabriel Ponce 1:1.7 400M
Walker St. John 2:26 800m
Ryan Adams 7’6” Pole Vault
Leon Covington 36’4.5” Triple Jump

2nd Place Finishers- William Leon 26.9 200m
Josue Granados 8:42 2400m
4x200m Relay Leo Covington, Brody Day, Leon Covington, William Leon
4x400m Relay Monson, Ponce, Chavez, Avilia
Alejandro Chavez 79’9” Discus
Dylan Hohenberger 5’0” High Jump
Alexandro Chavez 36’3” Shot
Leo Covington 36’3” Shot

3rd Place Finishers- Josue Granados 5:281600m
Saiviahn Shockley- 27.08 200m
Brody Day 16’0’ Long Jump
Blake Burgess 7’0” Pole Vault
Saiviahn Shockley 32’10”


8th Grade – Girls

Rachel Sutliff 1st Place 2400m Run  8:19.8  School Record (by 1 minute and 21 seconds)

Rachel Sutliff 1st Place 1600m Run  5:25.4  School Record (by 10 seconds)

Madison Schlekewy 2nd 100m Dash  14.10

8th Grade Girls – Team Results

1st Place Coppell West
2nd Place Coppell East
3rd Place Heritage
4th Place Dawson
5th Place Grapevine MS

7th Grade – Girls

Girls 4x400m Relay 1st Place 4:51.6
Jackie Molina, Helen Hood, Naomi Jetter and Danny Navarro

Caelyn Gunn 1st Place Discus  64′ 0
Chloe Flanagan 2nd Place Discus  58′ 10

Emily Brady 3rd 100 Place Hurdles  19.47

Madeline Clague 3rd Place Triple Jump 25′ 10.5

7th Grade Girls – Team Results
1st  Place Grapevine
2nd Place Coppell East
3rd Place Dawson
4th Place Heritage
5th Place Coppell West

8th Grade – Boys
The 8th grade boys tied for 2nd Place!

1st Place Finishers
Julian Newhouse – 100M Dash
Kenneth Franco 110M Hurdlers and 300M Hurdles and 4x100m
Relay teams consisting of Julius Reed, Cameron Johnson, Alpherege Ntumba and Julian Newhouse

2nd Place finishers
Keegan Garwood – 110M Hurdles
Gabe Menchaca – Discus
Sam Pierce – Shot put
Jacob Adams – Pole Vault

7th Grade – Boys
The 7th grade boys placed 1st overall!

1st Place Finishers
Leo Covington – 100M Dash and 200M Dash
Leon Covington – Triple Jump
Josue Granados – 1600M Run
Alejandro Chavez, Walker St John – 800M Run.
Walker also place first in the 2400M Run (GMS 2400M record: 8:16.13!)

2nd Place Finishers
Gabriel Poncey 400M Dash
4x100M Relay consisting of Leon Covington, Dylan Hohenberger, Brody Day and Lee Covington
4x400M Relay consisting of Matthew Monson, Gabriel Poncey, Alejandro Chavez and Joseph Avila

The Pony Up Relays are March 9 at CTMS at 4 pm. Come on out!