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About Us

GMS Athletic Booster Club

What is the Athletic Booster Club (ABC)?
It is an organization made up of volunteers who want to help support the entire GMS Athletic Program. The volunteers work closely with the school’s coaches and administrative staff to organize fundraisers, run events, and increase school awareness and spirit. With many budget cuts and constraints placed on schools, the ABC can help supplement funding when needed in accordance with the ABC Bylaws.

What does the ABC do for GMS and my athlete?
• Organizes fundraisers
• Purchases equipment not funded by the district and supplies needed by the Athletic Dept.
• Orders and serves pre-game meals for athletes on game days (parents must sign up and pay for this service)
• Sells Spirit Wear:  t-shirts, sweat jackets, sweats, yard signs and various items to promote GMS pride
• Decorates athletes’ school lockers to increase team pride and comradery
• Provides post-game write ups on athletes and highlights special achievements after a game
• ABC website — creates and maintains a website for parents to get all of their athletic information
• ABC Facebook Page —  creates and maintains social media
• Videos — films games for the coaches and players to be able to review