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GMS Athletics Frequently Asked Questions

When does Athletics begin?
Athletics does not begin until the 7th grade school year by UIL guidelines. Practices begin the first or second day of school. There will not be any early start during the summer.

Is Athletics required?
No. Students in 7th grade are required to take a fitness course and may choose between Physical Education or Athletics. For 8th grade students, it is strictly an elective course.

What sports are there to participate in?
Volleyball is the only sport that is gender specific and limited to females. All other sports are open to both males and females. These sports are Football, Basketball, Cross Country and Track.

What about tennis and soccer?
Tennis and soccer is intramural-only sports. They are not part of Athletics and it is strictly after school. It is open to any and all 7th and 8th grade students.

When are the different seasons?
Football / Volleyball August – October
Cross Country November – December
Basketball November – February
Track / Tennis February – April

When are tryouts?
Tryouts for each sport happen at the very beginning of each season. For example, football and volleyball tryouts will begin the first week of school. Basketball tryouts will begin after the conclusion of the previous season.

How many people make each team?
This varies based upon each sport.

What happens if a student doesn’t make a team?
If the girls do not make the volleyball traveling team, they can participate in the Player Development League (PDL) and will work on volleyball skills. Or, they can choose to participate in the off-season conditioning workouts.

Students who are not on the basketball team will automatically take part in Cross Country. During Track season, all students will participate in the track workouts during the class period, but will not be required to stay after school for the field event practices.

Are there before/after school practices?
Yes. If the student makes a travel squad, they will be required to practice outside of the normal class times. 7th grade teams begin practices before school and may start as early as 6:30 and 8th grade teams begin practice during the last period and may stay as late as 5 pm.

Cross Country practices are held during the class period unless you are a basketball player that runs Cross Country. Those athletes are expected to come to 2 before or after school practices. For example, if you are a 7th grade girl that plays basketball, you will be expected to come to 2 after school cross country practices in order to be eligible to run in the CC meet.

What nights are the games?
Schedules vary by sport and are determined by the Athletic Directors of the three school districts in which we compete. We will not have these schedules until May or June. Please check the website after that time for more information.

How many sports must students participate to be in Athletics?
Every student must participate in a minimum of two sports (one fall and one spring), and will be given the opportunity to do so for credit.

Can students take one semester of Athletics?
No. Athletics is a two-semester course. Students may not drop out of Athletics at any time throughout the school year.

What if students are in band/choir/dance/cheer?
Other school related activities will not be affected by participation in Athletics nor should the student’s role in Athletics be affected. The coaches work closely with the sponsors of these other groups in order to make sure students can participate in all activities. The goal is to insure that they benefit from each activity.

Do athletes run every day?
Yes. Students will be expected to run every day. This may be in the form of distance runs or sport-specific sprints and conditioning.

Do students have to be a good athlete?
No. They simply must be willing to participate and work hard every day. As middle school coaches, we are here to teach the athletes the skills and sports to prepare them for high school and future athletic endeavors.

When do they get a physical?
Every student in Athletics must have a physical on file before being allowed to participate in any practice or tryout. They are good for up to one year from the date which the physical is given. We recommend students get their physical no earlier than May 15th.

There is a specific physical form that must be signed by he physician and may be found on the CTMS website under “Athletics”. These may be submitted before the end of this school year or students can bring them with to registration in August.

2016-2017 Physical Form

What do they need to wear?
Athletes are expected to be in proper workout attire every day. Girls are required to wear the gray shorts and gray shirts both with the red pony that are sold through the Athletic Department. The online store opens in May for three weeks, and then again the day of fall registration. (You can find the link to the online store on the girls athletic website.) There are usually a few items to sell at registration and during the school year, but there is no guarantee.

Proper shoes with support and laces are a must. Jewelry is not permitted during practices. Students can bring containers to keep in lockers for jewelry and other small items during practice time. For girls, hair is also expected to be pulled back during all practices.